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Great Reunion, Grand Ambition

--Exclusive Interview with Mr. Rauf Malik, Vice President of Operations for JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau



The warm sunshine and beautiful weather of Macau in April is perfect for traveling, dining, and also calling on an old friend. It is the greatest pleasure in life to meet up with old friends again after a long time apart, especially for Grand Hotels Media. We are honored to invite our old friend, Mr. Rauf Malik, Vice President of Operations for JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau as the interviewee for our May Issue’s cover story since last time we met. Each time we meet, Mr. Malik always shares with us the latest market trend and exclusive news about JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau.

Mr. Malik who has just finished a meeting, came in and sat on a leather chair with aura of capability and confidence. Mr. Malik is always humorous and approachable which makes us feel comfortable during the interview. After warm greetings, we asked him about the secret of success of both hotels and the way he manage employees. “In Marriott culture, we treat the associates like our family and we believe that if we take good care of our associates and they'll take good care of the customers. This is the crux of our whole operations” says Mr. Malik. “It is also important to make our associates to be proud of their own company. As you may know, there was an amazing and exiting movement in hospitality industry last year. Marriott International became the world’s largest hotel company through the acquisition with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. With a larger scale of membership platform and more enormous database, we can utilize the exciting resources of both companies to explore greater business or collaboration opportunities.At a time when travelersplace even greater emphasis on enriching and personal experiences, they can now choose from the most diverse selection of hotel brands ever. With more than 5,700 hotels and 1.1 million rooms in over 110 countries across the globe, guests or even our associates now have access to the best hotels and resorts wherever they travel. We welcome Sheraton Grand Hotel and The St. Regis to become part of our familiy in Macau, it indeed enhances guests’ staycation options and business opportunities in Macau”, Mr. Malik introduced the new portfolio of Marriott International with a confident smile.

From his words, we understand that his success and the success of Marriott International were not by chance. Mr. Malik develops associates for tomorrow's opportunities by encouraging them to work toward their full potential today. He gives care and consideration to all associates by asking about their work, life, families, and get to know a little bit about their aspirations, ambitions, home life and work motivations. In addition, he keeps strict to the rules and standards when it comes to rewarding positive behavior and providing guidance when necessary, not only to others but to himself.

Under his leadership of sincerely caring and recognizing the employees, it is no doubt that all of his hotel employees are sincere and passionate about works and take good care of guests.

Two years ago, Mr. Malik committed to redefine the meaning of luxury in the region on the day thatJW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau opened in grand style. Along the way, Grand Hotels Media has witnessed his great efforts and achievements and today he has fulfilled his commitment. JW Marriott Hotel Macau has maintained an occupancy rate of over 90% since opening and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau has been running almost full occupancy for the past year. The success is attributed to Mr. Malik’s leadership in bringing the impeccable level of service and modern amenities to the guests.

Talking about the two hotels, Mr. Malik sits up straight, with great confidence. “Both JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau have already exceeded expectations from guests and industry partners alike and have attained an impressive repertoire of accolades since the two hotels opened their doors in May 2015,” Mr. Malik says. “Last year, the two hotels were respectively awarded as ‘Luxury Hotel’ and ‘Superior Comfort Hotel’ in terms of living experience by the 9th edition of the Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau, which reflects the meticulous and extraordinary service level of the two hotels.”

Mr. Malik talks about the history and characteristics of the two hotels “As one of the most prestigious luxury hotel brands of Marriott International, Inc., JW Marriott Hotel Macau boasts the largest JW Kids’ Club, introducing the concept of “teaching with pleasure” and involving every child in learning as well as playing with interactive games. At the same time, guests can also enjoy the tropical gardens and Skytop Adventure Rapids. The pillar-free ballroom and meeting rooms also provide ample space for exhibitions, wedding and social activities. Located in Macau’s premier resort, Galaxy Macau™, JW Marriott Hotel Macau enjoys a superior geographic location in Cotai Macau and boasts 1,015 elegant guest rooms and suites. The hotel offers a variety of dining experiences. Man Ho Chinese Restaurant has stylish decoration and provides classic Cantonese cuisine. In the next two months, the restaurant will launch a variety of low-fat and nutritious tofu dishes, promoting the culture of healthy dining. A series of fresh and delicious tofu dishes will provide vegetarians and meat-lovers with healthy and creative dining options. JW Marriott Hotel Macau is also very keen on elevating the local gourmet experience with unique local culture. Urban Kitchen, which offers international and Asian delicacies in an all-day dining concept, presented a very popular“Taste of Tradition – Macanese Cuisine” last year, which illustrates the tale of Macanese dishes, and share classic recipes from the little known cuisine. Due to the good response and great success, this Macanese Cuisine will return to Urban Kitchen again from May to the end of June. From March 29 to June 30, JW Marriott Hotel Macau has also launched “Stay the Way You Like” in Galaxy MacauTM. During this period, guests can create their own wonderful holiday with personalized tours through town.

The Ritz-Carlton, Macau also has its own unique characteristics and its impeccable levels of service for which the brand is famous around the world. The Ritz-Carlton, Macau has acquired an impressive repertoire of awards since opening in May 2015. The latest badge of honor is no less than prestigious and leading international Forbes Travel Guide which unveiled its official 2017 Forbes Travel Guide Star Rating list, awarding 2 distinguished Five-Star awards to the hotel and luxury spa, ESPA Macau. Mr. Malik says, “We are honored and humbled by the awards The Ritz-Carlton, Macau has received and proves no exception in enabling guests to revel in the finest personal service and the best of Asian luxury. It brings about sheer delight to our dedicated Ladies and Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Macau.” The Ritz-Carlton, Macau has also won a number of Michelin star awards for its dining. The authentic Chinese restaurant Lai Heen has won the Michelin star honor for the first time. Located on the 51st Floor, Lai Heen is helmed under the by Executive Chef, Chef Bill Fu. It is the highest Chinese restaurant in Macau, bringing the ultimate dining experience in the clouds. The hotel is also preparing to offer “Michelin Dishes” to celebrate this honorable award. The Ritz-Carlton Café, managed by Executive Chef, Chef Raphaël Kinimo, has also won Michelin praise for its classic French desserts and exquisite afternoon tea. “Our two restaurants are honored with Michelin stars and Michelin recommendations. Meanwhile, both JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau have won the most comfortable hotels recommendation. These accolades are all made possible by ongoing support from hotel guests as well as the enormous dedication of our associates and Ladies & Gentlemen,” Mr. Malik explains. “In the future, we will continue to implement the brand philosophy and provide the most attentive and courteous services for our guests, enhancing the status of Macau in the international hospitality industry and establishing it as one of the most fabulous destinations for tourists.” The Ritz-Carlton, Macau has an unparalleled privilege in dining experience. This year, the hotel provides guests with a wide selection of French afternoon tea buffet including delicate desserts, savories and cheeses, as well as various classic French cuisine and seafood platters. At night, The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge presents all-day-long inclusive snacks, welcome drinks and cocktails from 6pm-9pm.

Both of the hotels are located in Galaxy MacauTM, the best gourmet, entertainment and shopping destination for families, where guests can enjoy the newest attractions and a widest range of recreational facilities. Galaxy Macau has a range of top-of-the-line services including leisure, accommodation, dining, shopping and spas. The amazing 75,000 square-meter Grand Resort Deck is at the heart of the Galaxy Macau’s experience. Authentic resort features offer guests all the pleasure of a tropical holiday in Macau. Selected features include Skytop Adventure Rapids, the world’s longest skytop river ride at 575 meters with white water rapids, geysers, waterfalls and the Palm Cove with a white sand beach; Macau’s first and only Skytop Waterslide enclosed in a unique mountain cavern, with three 9-meter high waterslides, one of which is a transparent slide 30 meters long. Galaxy Macau also features the world’s largest Skytop Wave Pool, covering 5,000 square meters and generating waves as high as 1.5 meters, where a 2,000-square-meter, 350-ton white sand beach that can accommodate 1,000 guests across its 150-meter shoreline. From authentic street food to exquisite fine dining , Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau have over 120 F&B outlets offering the largest selection of Asian and world-class international cuisine with seventeen Michelin starred and recommended restaurant brands in a single destination in Macau. Galaxy Macau is a new food-lover’s paradise with everything from the best in fine dining to quick and casual eateries. The Promenade, with more than 200 luxury brands and the world renowned ESPA Macau, is dedicated to catering to the needs of guests with opulentindulgence and relaxation. In such superior ambiance, the JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau have laid a solid foundation for development. The hotels will maintain the successful and cooperative relationship with Galaxy Macau, to provide local and international guests with personalized and diversified holiday experiences.

When the interview came to an end, the dedication and enthusiasm of Mr. Malik and his team have left a deep impression on us. In just two years, JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau have made prominent achievements, which is exciting and breathtaking. These remarkable performances are in large part due to Mr. Malik, who has been dedicated to these two hotels, as well as to the employees who put in their best efforts every day. With such a passionate and united team, the future of the hotels is no doubt brilliant. We look forward to our next meeting in which Mr. Malik will share with us more exciting and creative ideas from the hotel industry.






而澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店也有自己独树一帜的特点,凭着无微不至、非凡优越的尊尚服务而遐迩闻名。自去年5月开幕至今,亦屡获殊荣,享誉国际。最近又凭借无与伦比的非凡住宿体验荣获10颗福布斯星——《福布斯旅游指南》五星酒店及「怡世宝水疗」-《福布斯旅游指南》五星SPA。于此,马立祺先生感言:“能于世界权威的《福布斯旅游指南》荣获多项星级奖项,我们感到十分荣幸,这不但印证了澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店秉承品牌一贯理念,以贴心周到的个人化服务,让宾客尽享亚洲最奢华的酒店体验,亦是对澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店的绅士及淑女们莫大的鼓舞。”在美食方面,澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店亦荣获多项米其林星级美誉:澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店内的传统尊尚粤菜食府「丽轩」摘下首次米其林星级荣誉,由行政总厨傅文彪师傅主理的「丽轩」位于澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店51楼,是目前澳门最高的粤菜食府,致力为宾客带来在云端上品尝美馔的极致体验,届时,酒店将呈献「米其林丽馔」限定精选以庆祝获奖;另外,由总厨纪韦麟 (Raphaël Kinimo) 主理的法式小馆「丽思咖啡厅」以经典法式美点及精致非凡的下午茶,也荣获「米其林推介」的美誉。于此,马立祺先生说:“澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店的两间食府能够荣获米其林星级及「米其林推介」荣誉,同时,澳门JW万豪酒店及澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店亦获得酒店舒适度推荐,实在有赖酒店宾客的默默支持,以及澳门JW万豪酒店的服务团队和澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店绅士及淑女们的无私奉献。然而,我们绝不会因此自满,而是会虚心接受这项嘉许和鼓励,继续贯彻品牌宗旨,竭诚为宾客缔造最贴心周到的服务,同时提升澳门在国际美食界的地位,成为旅客追寻美馔体验的最佳目的地之一。”除尊尚服务外,澳门丽思卡尔顿酒店在美馔体验方面亦享负无与伦比的优越地位,今年更特别为宾客缔造醉人的极致体验。不仅有丰盛法式下午茶自助餐,提供各种精致甜点、咸点和法式奶酪,还提供一系列经典法国料理、海鲜拼盘和甜点,晚上,「丽思酒廊」更于每日18时至21时,不停供应包罗万有的滋味小食、欢迎饮品及一系列配合当天主题而调配的特色鸡尾酒或烈酒。

另外,两家酒店皆坐落于澳门集最顶级美食、娱乐及购物于一身的综合度假城「澳门銀河™」,宾客可尽情享受酒店内提供的全新景点和多元化的娱乐休闲设施。如今,「澳门銀河™」提供包括休闲、住宿、餐饮、购物,水疗,博彩娱乐等一系列顶尖服务。「澳门銀河™」独有休闲设施天浪淘园,面积达75,000平方米,充满热带风情,特色设施包括全球最长、共575米的空中激流,同时设有激流、喷泉、瀑布及设有白沙滩的棕悦湾;全澳门独有的天际滑水梯,包括三条高9米的滑水梯,其中一条更是全透明设计,长达30米等等。同时这里亦设有全球最具规模的空中冲浪池,总面积达5,000平方米,能掀起高达1.5米的巨浪。逾2,000平方米、以350吨白沙铺成的人工沙滩和150米海岸线,可容纳超过1,000位宾客。「澳门銀河™」和「澳门百老汇™」内的餐厅及酒吧逾 120 间,为澳门拥有最多亚洲及世界美食的旅游目的地,更汇聚十七个获米其林嘉许的餐厅品牌,无论是喜欢休闲小食抑或精致餐饮的顾客,这里绝对是一个时刻充满新鲜感及惊喜的美食天堂。还有荟萃超过200个奢华时尚品牌的时尚购物热点“时尚汇”以及世界知名水疗品牌怡世宝(ESPA)等,力求以无尽享受、无尽时尚、无尽欢腾和无尽优越,满足宾客的需求。我们两家酒店身处于这样得天独厚的环境内,真的非常幸运,今后我们也将继续与「澳门銀河™」携手合作,为澳门本地以及世界各地的宾客提供更加个人化以及多元化的度假新体验。