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Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon is Now OpenStriking location and spectacular spa design echoes epic natural form

Six Senses Zil Pasyon六善水疗中心全新亮相独特设计与原始自然生态相得益彰

Following the acclaimed launch of Six Senses Zil Pasyon last October, the hotly anticipated Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon is now open.  Created by Six Senses Architecture and Design team and Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE in London, the spa is completely immersed in the private island’s natural beauty of towering rocks, granitic boulders, lush jungle and the Indian Ocean.

Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon is spread over 19,000 square feet (1,765 square meters) of the island’s rugged environment and accentuates the island’s beautiful topography through its materiality, texture and form. It is designed to be an integral part of the island’s ecosystem, a symbiotic experience of the surrounding environment and to mirror the existing landscape.

Anna Bjurstam, vice president, Six Senses Spas said, “At Six Senses Zil Pasyon we felt that nature was so dramatic that we could not tame it, instead we wanted nature to tame us. We looked at how nature could guide us in our design, and consequently we have treatment villas situated between rocks, on top of rocks and floating above the ocean. Even the yoga pavilion and wet area are not built inside a building - they are built on top of the rocks amongst lush foliage and the infinity-edge pool offers expansive sea views for exclusive spa guest usage.  In addition, we focused on using natural materials such as wood and rock, chemical-free upholstery and smart biological lighting at night to ensure that the design supports our circadian rhythm*.”

Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon features an elevated open-air saltwater pool with a sundeck, sauna and steam rooms as well as a yoga and meditation pavilion. A viewing deck has been positioned to offer some of the most spectacular views in the Seychelles and will also be used to host a variety of wellness classes.

The spa reception, located on top of a hill takes advantage of the sweeping sea views. It is home to the latest Six Senses retail collection including the exclusive yoga line by Ana Heart, natural skincare lines, resort wear, swimsuits, jewelry and accessories. The reception area also includes manicure and pedicure stations. A circular, open-air oasis leads to female and male changing areas and from here guests embark on a serene journey to the treatment villas beyond.

Three of the resort villas are located next to the spa and provide convenient access to guests following personalized spa programs.

The spa journey takes guests on a winding pathway through, and underneath, the vast granitic rocks to five double treatment villas, made of refined timber and carefully positioned among the island’s rugged topography and landscape. Design-wise, the villas reflect the island’s colors, textures and moods and have been created with the idea that guests will spend several hours there.  For minimal intrusion on the landscape, they are linked with lightweight timber steps and rope bridges, while fabric shading-sails create areas for rest and relaxation.

The Rock Villa – fully glassed and constructed between large granite boulders, this villa is entered via an expansive platform and provides a dramatic setting for any spa treatment. It also features a rock shower on the cliff edge to allow guests to fully appreciate its striking location.

The Hanging Villa – this villa is built on a large rock and its outdoor deck provides a perfect setting for post-treatment renewal and relaxation.

The Ocean Villa – approached through a descending walkway set between dramatic boulders and passing through a cave, this villa is located right above the water offering 180-degree views of the sea.

The Nature Villa – surrounded by lush vegetation and designed to help guests reconnect with nature, this villa features an outdoor shower experience, herbal steam room and swinging day bed.

The spa offers a wide range of signature treatments, result-driven facial and body therapies by The Organic Pharmacy and locally-inspired scrubs and beauty services.

Teaming up with organic skincare brand Terres d’Afrique, there will be five exclusive journeys. Examples include the Ocean Journey inspired by the powerful energy of the sea, combining aromatherapy, acupressure and reflexology with hot and cold massage techniques to unblock energy pathways. The Rock Journey takes its cue from the surrounding rocks and boulders and is designed to release muscle aches, stress and tension by using stretching techniques and cross muscle fiber techniques with heat. The Floating Journey focuses on reconnecting the body and mind, and uplifting the spirit. In addition, the spa team and Terres d’Afrique created a special spa journey for couples (Ubuntu) which reignites togetherness in a mindful and playful way through a series of treatments and time spent together.

The spa also offers the recently launched wellness screening which allows in-house wellness experts to measure and analyze key physiological biomarkers of health to provide guests with lifestyle advice, and design a personalized program of spa treatments, fitness and wellness activities.

There are also the group’s popular Six Senses Yogic Programs, which include Discover Yoga, Yogic Detox and Yogic Sleep.

2016年十月塞舌尔Six Senses ZilPasyon六善酒店盛大开幕,备受期待的Six Senses Spa ZilPasyon水疗中心也正式亮相。水疗中心由六善建筑设计团队和伦敦RHE工作室事务所Richard Hywel Evans共同设计,与岛上怪石嶙峋、丛林茂密的生态环境完全融为一体,在浩瀚的印度洋中为宾客创造一个奢华的避世天堂。

Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon水疗中心占地逾19千平方英尺,整体设计采用纯天然的材料、结构和形式,着重突出岛上的地理环境,自然纳入岛内生态系统中,为宾客带来置身费利西泰岛自然环境和水疗中心的双重体验。

六善水疗中心副总裁Anna Bjurstam表示:费利西泰岛的自然环境如此奇妙,我们不断地从岛上环境中寻找灵感,设计出一间间完美融入当地自然环境的匠心之作。我们的理疗室有的在岩石间,有的在巨石上,有的甚至在海面上。瑜伽亭和保湿区没有墨守成规地建在室内,而是坐落在绿林掩映的巨石上,无边际泳池也可饱览湛蓝海景。中心装潢选材特别运用木材和岩石等不含化学物质的天然材料以及夜间智能生物照明,确保设计符合人体的生物节奏规律。

Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon水疗中心设有带露天甲板的高空户外海水泳池、桑拿室、蒸汽室、以及瑜伽室兼冥想馆。此外,中心的观景台可纵览塞舌尔群岛最壮观开阔的景色,适合举办各种养生课程。

山顶的水疗中心接待处可饱览一览无余的旖旎海景,设有宽敞雅致的美甲中心和精品商店,出售Ana Heart的独家瑜伽服、天然护肤品、度假休闲服、泳装和配饰等六善最新推出的零售系列产品。走过一片圆形的露天绿洲、在男女更衣室换好行装后,即可踏入雅致静谧的理疗别墅,开始展开一段唤醒恢复身心的水疗之旅。

水疗中心携手有机肌肤护理品牌Terres d’Afrique,推出五种独家护理疗程。受海洋能量启发的海洋之旅将芳香疗法、指压和反射疗法与冷热按摩技术相结合,改善循环系统,促进能量流动。岩石之旅从周围的岩石中获取灵感,旨在通过使用拉伸手法和交叉肌肉纤维技法加热释放肌肉酸痛、缓解身体压力。水上之旅着重于实现身体与心灵的平衡,提振精神。此外,水疗团队和Terres d'Afrique为情侣精心设计了Ubuntu特色水疗,旨在通过一系列平和宁静的双人理疗活动,加深二人之间的凝聚感。