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Dialogue with Mr. Wesley Wang, General Manager of Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental


Grand Hotels Media: Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental has integrated the traditional Chinese tranquility and harmony with the French romance and elegance perfectly, creating a distinctive hotel style. Could you introduce for us in details?

Mr. Wesley Wang:Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental is a subtle blend of traditional Chinese tranquility and French elegance. Southeast Asian, Chinese and Mediterranean influences provide for three distinct decor styles of the hotel, creating an exotic ambiance for leisure and business. Five different styles of creative restaurants and bars provide guests with exquisite food and wine. Fourteen multifunctional rooms are well equipped, in which the Grand Ballroom boasts an area of 1,200 sqm and accommodates 1,200 guests. The one-stop wedding venue, Dongfanghui, up to 1,600 sqm, can be separated into three, fully catering the wedding and meeting needs of the customers. Besides, a series of superb facilities including indoor heated pool, So FIT health club and tennis court is also well-equipped for business and leisure functions.

This year, the hotel also highlights French romance by planting a large area of lavender as well as exhibiting the Eiffel Tower up to 7 meters high in the restaurant.Sunday brunch is  served under the theme of "From Paris with Love" by staff in uniforms of French style,making guests feel like in Paris vividly.

Grand Hotels Media: With the constant development of the IT industry, Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental also uses a variety of Internet means to upgrade itself. Could you share with us the measurements the hotel has taken? What’s the background and meaning of it?

Mr. Wesley Wang:The continuous development of the Internet has led to the evolving of social media. Live broadcast is one of them and has become a compelling trend at present. This year, the hotel has launched the live broadcast program, strengthening the communication between the hotel and its fans by a number of Internet celebrities. The program is still in progress and will soon take effects. Except basic functions of wechat public platform, we also focus on the development of background system. Take the hotel wechat WIFI for an example. Once guests connect WIFI, they will know the latest news of the hotel immediately. Everything from delicacies to entertainments is up to them. These measurements not only provide conveniences for guests, but also facilitate the hotel. We have gained more fans as well as made more advertisements, so that eventually more revenue can be generated from this platform.

Grand Hotels Media: Every hotel has its own unique appeal. For Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental, the parenting program has gained a lot of positive feedback. Could you introduce for us?

Mr. Wesley Wang: The parenting program of the hotel is diverse, safe andinteresting. The family room and suite launched in the past two years have achieved excellent effect. This year, Accor bought the cartoon image copyright of Le Petit Prince. We have already implemented the promotional plan vigorously, creating a childlike world which is full of Le Petit Prince. In addition, The underground parent-child project we have developed is expected to be Completed in June, in addition, we are not only improving the original outdoor beach and pool, building the beach Pavilion, but also expanding the underground large playground, including the "devil slide" up to 7 meters high and other parent -child entertainment projects. With these fantastic facilities, guests can indulge themselves in playing without thinking about weather conditions. Other activities including picking water-chestnuts, fishing and boating are suitable for both parents and children.

Grand Hotels Media:As the General Manager of the hotel, you must have detailed plans for the future development of the hotel. From your perspective, what’s the future of Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental?

Mr. Wesley Wang:In the future, the hotel will keep pace with the times and keep innovating and improving Except the traditional development mode, we will also use the Internet thinking, taking good advantage of the current popular Wechat, micro blog, live broadcast and APP, enhancing our interaction with fans as well as further spreading the hotel culture. Besides, we will also upgrade our hardware facilities, creating a better Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental for our guests. The beach pavilion, children's playground and lavender garden are part of the overall plan. By using the new developing system integrated with the Wechat system, we are dedicated to creating an online and offline business and resort hotel with French characteristics.


王世亮先生:上海佘山索菲特大酒店将中国传统的宁静、和谐与法式风情的优雅、浪漫完美融合。优雅的托斯卡纳建筑风格,共有三种装饰风格,地中海风情,中国风情和东南亚风情,令人仿佛置身于充满异域风情的度假胜地。无论是度假生活、还是在商务旅行中都能尽情体味、探索、沉醉于自然的美丽。酒店还配有5间风格迥异的餐厅与酒吧,融汇创新,为宾客提供精致的美食佳酿。酒店的大型会议中心拥有14个多功能厅,其中大宴会厅面积1, 200平方米,可容纳1, 200位宾客同时与会。面积为1600平方米一站式体验婚礼场地东方汇可分为3个会议室,全套设备满足婚礼、会议需求。另外,酒店还附设室内恒温游泳池、So FIT健身中心、网球场等休闲娱乐设施,是会务、商务派对及休闲度假的完美选择。