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Dialogue with Mr. Wesley Wang, General Manager of Himalayas Qingdao Hotel


Grand Hotels Media: As the first lifestyle hotel in Qingdao, Himalayas Qingdao Hotel has its own unique charm by perfectly blending our lifestyles with a contemporary vision. Could you share with us more about the hotel design?

Mr. Wesley Wang: The hotel integrates our lifestyles with modern elements perfectly. One example is the exterior’s irregular appearance. It was inspired by Laoshan Mountain and the meteorites that occurred in the valley, conveying infinite energy. Another distinctive feature is the hollow courtyard design, offering guests a more open and relaxed space away from the hustle and bustle. All these subtle details contain cultural connotations, worth appreciating at first hand. The hotel was designed by HASSELL Studio Australia, whose amazing works also include Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool, Chong Qing Grand Theater and Alibaba Corporate Headquarter.

Grand Hotels Media: Himalayas Qingdao Hotel has become the premier venue for guests to hold weddings and parties by its prominent service and fabulous experience. Could you introduce for us the advantage and characteristic of the hotel in this aspect?

Mr. Wesley Wang: The ambiance of chic and romance from within has made our hotel the dream location for couples to hold their weddings. A group of experts help in organizing and planning for the perfect day. Pastry chefs prepare a great variety of customized cakes with photo images as well as novel and sweet desserts. Our hotel also provides low-calorie food and personalized services during the wedding. The one-stop service of our professional team can guarantee their full assistance to make every couple’s special day happen; therefore, give the future bride and groom some unforgettable memories.

Grand Hotels Media: Since its opening on March 25, 2014, Himalayas Qingdao Hotel has received support and praise from all parties. The hotel is actively engaged in the public welfare and continuously contributes to the society with gratitude. Could you share with us the achievements made by the hotel and do you think the results are worth the effort?

Mr. Wesley Wang: Reputation is always accompanied by social responsibility. As the first lifestyle hotel in Qingdao, Himalayas Qingdao Hotel has set itself as an example for the public welfare. Along with Pink Ribbon Fund of Red Cross Qingdao, we have organized the Pink Run event for three consecutive years. Every mid-autumn festival and the Spring Festival Eve, the management board of our hotel pays a visit to the social welfare service center and receives many silk banners with gratitude. In the future, our hotel will continue performing our duties with concrete actions, to spread the idea of love to the whole society. We sincerely call on all sectors of the community to support the public welfare so that more vulnerable groups could get help within an arm’s reach.

Grand Hotels Media: As far as we know, you have been engaged in the hospitality industry for 22 years. With unique insights towards the management and operation of the international five-star hotels, could you share with us your seasoned experience in this aspect? From your perspective, what kind of skills should a hotel practitioner have? What’s the real reason behind this service?

Mr. Wesley Wang: Being the mentor for every employee is my practice in management. I enjoy communicating with my employees, discovering their strengths and encouraging them to use their skills. I believe that only in a suitable position can one truly utilize his talents. I also share with my employees my professional experience and give reasonable suggestions to them. Keeping my employees motivated and helping them find their potentials through positive reinforcement allows for them to excel as individuals and as a whole.

From my perspective, the top priority for a hotel practitioner is integrity. Adhering to the moral principles helps make our career paths smoother. The second is dedication. Good use of one’s management ability with a diligent and down-to-earth attitude can encourage team members to create the best results. The third is patience. In such an alluring industry, running a good hotel requires time for solid efforts without impulsiveness.

Always encouraging employees creates a positive environment for them to be the best they can when servicing guests. Himalayas Qingdao Hotel wasn’t built by luck; its reputation was created through the dedication and the hard work of the employees. In maintaining the reputation the hotel holds, the employees too must be taken care of. Our hotel provides benefits, organizes outings, and family visits to all our employees. We are confident to say that all the employees work in an environment where caring for their guests reflects on the way they are taken care of.

Grand Hotels Media: As the general manager, you must have a clear picture of the hotel’s future development. Could you share with us the hotel’s upcoming events as well as your expectation towards the hotel?

Mr. Wesley Wang: The hotel’s core lies in the culture. With a strong cultural connotation, our team shares a common value and cohesiveness. Thus, an increasing number of guests are appealed to this. Last year, we introduced Himalayas Tai Chi Journey to our guests. This year, we will further promote this program and at the same time launch the yoga program. We focus on introducing more and more meaningful programs targeted to the health and wellness of guests.

We hope to bring the utmost joy to all of our guests with relentless efforts. We look forward to what the future holds for our hotel as we continue doing the best we can to create the perfect environment for both guests and employees. More stories and great memories are waiting to be discovered in Himalayas Qingdao Hotel.




王海鹏先生:青岛证大喜玛拉雅酒店无论从内饰还是外观看来,都弥漫着时尚生活的浪漫气息,我相信,新人们都梦想着在这种地方举办婚礼。在打造完美婚礼方面经验丰富,独富创意。酒店的甜品厨师特别为准新人们制作设计多款西式婚典的新风尚 -- 可爱的定制照片蛋糕,精美且优雅,充满爱意和创意的小甜品象征着甜蜜蜜的爱情婚礼期间,酒店会提供健康有机低卡路里的美食个性化服务。同时我们会为新人提供一站式服务,专业的婚宴服务团队,对婚礼的每一个细节进行全程定制化服务。一场完美婚礼中,细节之处彰显了浪漫情怀,让人铭记于心。


王海鹏先生:作为青岛首家时尚生活酒店品牌,品牌知名度的提升,意味着酒店应该承担更多的社会责任,投身公益事业发展。青岛证大喜玛拉雅酒店,在公益事业中扮演积极的角色。连续三年携手青岛红十字会粉红丝带基金举办“粉红丝带 为爱而跑”慈善活动;每逢中秋节、春节前夕管理层都会慰问社会福利服务中心,并多次收到感谢锦旗。酒店会继续以实际行动践行企业的社会责任,向社会传递爱心,我们真诚的呼吁社会各界一同来关注和支持社会公益慈善事业,让更多的弱势群体得到有效的帮助。






王海鹏先生:当下酒店的核心竞争是文化的竞争,因为当你拥有强大的文化内涵,也就是有了价值观的统一,你的团队就有强大的凝聚力,外部就会为你这种凝聚力所营造的氛围而吸引投奔你的酒店。去年酒店为住店客人推出了“享乐中庭 太极之旅”主题项目,今年我们将继续太极项目的同时增加瑜伽项目,通过更多的方式,沉淀中庭的文化符号,让更多的客人在酒店入住期间可以享受天然体验内心的平和,更好的思索人生。