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Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas to Open First City Hotels
Showcasing Its Commitment to Heritage Restoration in Singapore

        六善养生及酒店集团(Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas)在新加坡参与当地大型文化保护项目,全面翻新两座历史建筑。两座建筑均位于集娱乐、美食和夜生活于一体的唐人街中心。


        新加坡六善酒店规模一分为二,两栋建筑步行即可达到。达士敦六善酒店(Six Senses Duxton)和麦士威六善酒店(Six Senses Maxwell)将成为六善品牌的首家城市酒店。两座历史建筑在突显新加坡本地文化和历史的同时,也注入了玩味风格。建筑融合中国、马来西亚和欧陆元素,包括新古典狮子头图样,结合马来式木刻细工的中式青花瓷檐饰、落地窗、葡式百叶窗,以及古希腊式壁柱。不论入住任何一间酒店,宾客均可使用两座大楼的所有设施及服务,并沿途欣赏两座大楼之间的浓厚社区文化。




        六善养生及酒店集团行政总裁Neil Jacobs表示:“如此独特的建筑实属罕见,我们非常高兴能与Garcha Hotels的创办人Satinder Garcha及Harpreet Bedi合作发展这个项目。这两座建筑将会成为新加坡难得一见的历史酒店。特别之处是宾客可充分利用两家酒店的所有设施、服务及周边社区。我们希望为宾客呈献新加坡浓厚的文化及当地社区独特的气息。”


        达士敦六善酒店Six Senses Duxton

        位于旧唐人街丹戎巴葛的达士敦路,从前众多人力车夫集合于此,又命名人力车广场。近代历史上,此地为鸦片毒贩及非法赌档混集的地方,声名狼藉。今天,达士敦路一带的贸易商行由著名设计师Anoushka Hempel重新修复,她也曾主理伦敦亨佩尔酒店(Hempel Hotel)和布莱克酒店(Blakes Hotel)的设计。


        麦士威六善酒店Six Senses Maxwell



Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has given two old beauties a complete restoration as part of a remarkable conservation project in Singapore. Ideally situated in the island city-state’s central district, the project is located in the eclectic heart of Chinatown where socializing, dining and nightlife take center stage.


Six Senses Singapore is split across two buildings that are an easy wander apart. Six Senses Duxton and Six Senses Maxwell will mark the brand’s first city hotels, celebrating local Singapore culture and history while adding a touch of playfulness to the heritage properties. There is a diverse mix of Chinese, Malay and European elements in the buildings including neo-classical lion head motifs, Chinese porcelain-chip friezes co-existing with Malay timber fretwork, French windows, Portuguese shutters and Corinthian pilasters. Guests can make full use of all facilities and outstanding service in both, as well as the rich local community in between. No matter where you sleep, guests can sign for services at either hotel and will consider both locations - their home away from home.


Along with always infusing a touch of quirkiness into each property, a priority for Six Senses is its commitment to authenticity and responsible preservation. In recognition of this, both properties have received the Urban Redevelopment Authority Architectural Heritage Award. Six Senses Duxton is due to open in April 2018, followed by Six Senses Maxwell three months later.


“Such unique properties do not come to market often and we are delighted to be working with Satinder Garcha and Harpreet Bedi of Garcha Hotels on this project,” said Six Senses Chief Executive Officer Neil Jacobs. “The buildings will be the last heritage hotels of this quality to be developed in Singapore. Each building has its own distinct personality, but what makes Six Senses Singapore so special is that guests can enjoy all the offerings of both locations plus the neighborhood when staying with us . It’s all about community and being part of the rich, local culture of Singapore.”


Six Senses Duxton
With its colorful past, Duxton Road in old Chinatown’s Tanjong Pagar, is also known as Jinrickshaw Place named after the rickshaw pullers who used to gather by the station. In the not-so-recent-past, this colorful section of town was home to opium and gambling dens and places of even less reputable vices. Today the site features a row of trading houses that have been sustainably restored under the designer Anoushka Hempel, acclaimed for her Hempel and Blake’s hotels in London.


Six Senses Maxwell

Maxwell Road was originally a nutmeg plantation before 14 three- and four-story colonial-style buildings were constructed and later joined together as a single entity. The diverse characteristics have been carefully conserved and the property features 138 guestrooms and suites, a Six Senses Spa, outdoor lap pool, Champagne bar and lounge, whiskey bar, boardroom and club lounge. A verandah lined with lush tropical foliage follows the length of the building and will be the ideal spot to meet for refreshments and alfresco